Early years

The guild was formed in 1948 at the Victoria University of Manchester.  The first recorded peal was of Grandsire Doubles on handbells in the belfry of Christ Church, West Didsbury, Manchester on 11 January 1950.


Later, the guild acquired many associate members from UMIST, the University of Salford, MMU, and colleges in Manchester. As a result, the Guild separated from the University of Manchester Students' Union, in the process changing the original 'University' to its plural form.

MUGCR is most active around South Manchester, notably in Fallowfield, where there is a large student population.


100 triples methods peal

On 16 May 1974 the guild completed a record-breaking peal comprising 100 triples methods with the maximum possible number of half-lead changes of method. This was to have been the greatest number of triples methods rung at the time.  The peal was later shown to be technically incorrectly called and withdrawn. The guild successfully achieved the peal on 13 November 1974.

360 triples methods peal

On 27 June 1974 the guild rang a record-breaking peal comprising 360 triples methods, the most possible. This was the most methods rung in any peal anywhere at the time with a photograph of the band appearing in the Ringing World.

Most half-lead spliced surprise

On 22 June 1975 the guild rang a peal of twelve spliced surprise methods. This was the most methods rung half-lead spliced.

Peals and Quarters

18 August 2019

News from Gerald ...

Hi folks

Congratulations on finding my little spot on the Internet.

My good friend Sam introduced me to the MUGs back in 2016, and I've not left since.   I spend a great deal of time hanging around our home tower, Sacred Trinity in Salford.   I like ringing, dancing and a good pint. 



Hugs and kisses,



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