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July 2018 - MUGs take the lead in LACR Cycle Tour

Our band of intrepid cyclists visited St Mary the Virgin in Eccles, St Michael in Flixton, then crossed the border into the Cheshire Guild to grab St Margaret  in Dunham Massey and finally  St Mary the Virgin, Bowdon.   The tour ended suspiciously close to Pi Altrincham where a few of us gathered afterwards to “re-hydrate”

2017 Christmas Carol Service at Sacred Trinity

Gerald once again joined in with us to sing carols and enjoy mulled wine with the rest of the congregation at Sacred Trinity.

Peals and Quarters

18 August 2019

News from Gerald ...

Hi folks

Congratulations on finding my little spot on the Internet.

My good friend Sam introduced me to the MUGs back in 2016, and I've not left since.   I spend a great deal of time hanging around our home tower, Sacred Trinity in Salford.   I like ringing, dancing and a good pint. 



Hugs and kisses,



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