Ring with us

Who we are?

We are a diverse bunch of ringers, include undergraduates, graduates, hangers-on and the occasional mascot and we would love to have you (and your friends) come and join us to ring.   The MUGCR has two practice nights during the week, and ring for services on Sundays.

If you've never rung before, we are happy to teach you.   If you have, there is ringing for for all levels.

So now that you know you are welcome, what next?


Gerald's "Patented" Guide to Becoming a MUG

  1. Take a good browse of the rest of this website and find out a little bit more about us
  2. Make contact with us via email, if possible, to let us know that you are coming via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  3. Work out where our towers are.  Both are easy to get to via public transport and a small amount of walking
  4. Turn up at either our Monday or Tuesday practice.   Aim to arrive a few minutes early to get introductions out of the way early.
  5. Our ringing master or the MUG running the practice should introduce themselves and will help you to get a good ring
  6. Allow time after practice, as we regularly socialise afterwards.    Quiz night experts are especially valued.

Peals and Quarters

18 August 2019

News from Gerald ...

Hi folks

Congratulations on finding my little spot on the Internet.

My good friend Sam introduced me to the MUGs back in 2016, and I've not left since.   I spend a great deal of time hanging around our home tower, Sacred Trinity in Salford.   I like ringing, dancing and a good pint. 



Hugs and kisses,



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